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 Who would not like to drive a sport car at least once in a lifetime? It is difficult for anyone to find a person who would  reject an offer to drive around in a funky sport cars, especially when a motorhead and living in Orlando or Miami is concerned! However, there are few people who do not know much about this type of cars yet would love to experience this awesome feeling while sitting in and imagining themselves the masters of the highways. So let us take a look at what a sport cars are at all.

Lamborghini Gallardo

 This is our Lamborghini Gallardo


Everyone should know that they are the cars, in which technical solution that stand for the highest efficency of rally cars and racers have been put into practice. Nevertheless, they have been well-adjusted to driving on typical road conditions. Sport cars are richly varied as far as the equipment and performance are considered but what connects them all is the fact that they are designed and built to be easily handled not receding their speed and efficiency. Among them there are both sporty car versions of different car segments and vehicles built as sport cars bottom-up. They are both produced by specialized companies like Jaguar, Lamborghini, Porshe, Ferrari, etc and taken as an addition to the offers of mass producers.

Some history

A lot of brands, which started as producers of sport cars and then began to produce cars of different segments, continue their production of sport cars for prestige and tradition of the brand like BMW, Alfa Romeo, for example. Most potential consumers usually think a sport car is supposed to have a lot of horsepower. Otherwise, it will not be a sport car, which associates with high speed. The sport car should also have beneficial proportion of an engine power to its own mass, a suspension making the turns the quickest, the tires, which stand for the best traction, a braking circuit providing effective braking out from the maximal speed and a bodywork with relatively low wind resistance factor.


Audi A5 Convertible

Looking for a sport car of your dreams? Audi A5 Convertible is waiting for you!

The most popular brands

The sport cars are known for their styling and very often 2-seat roadsters which include such brands ad Audi, BMW, Honda, Porshe, Mercedes-Benz. They represent different characteristics, prices and horsepower levels but they all fit the picture of sport cars. Many strict sport car lovers claim that a true sport car should have only two doors and additional rear seat is only an extra, very often unnecessary, equipment. Nevertheless, there are a lot of vehicles that have all features specified for sport cars and basic four doors with a usable rear seat.

There are plenty of various qualities, ranks and performance levels, which the sport cars range but you can be sure thatwe offer you the best ones!

Our rental company gives you chance to experience a fast and filled with adventurous experiences ride in one of our sport cars all over Florida, including Miami and Orlando!


Convertible car

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