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Economy cars rental - Orlando & Miami

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We offer you driving one of the best economy cars and enjoy cost-effective trips around the Florida, including Orlando and Miami (as well as Miami Airport and Orlando Airport)! You wonder why to choose economy cars? Let us dispel your doubts! 


Standard - Economy Car


Generally, cars are very diversified. They differ from each other in their size, efficiency, type of bodywork and many others. Apart from diversity there are some things that connect all economy cars. They can be both classy and able to deal with problems posed by hard reality such as high fuel cost and problematic quality of the roads. It would  be wonderful if it was equipped with the engine, in which gas oil effectively reduces costs of exploitation.

Obviously car should be in the best condition so that details such as fueled filters let us enjoy troublefree (and less contaminating the area) trip, too. One of the benefits that flow from using economy cars is also significant reduction of combustion, which is well-known to everyone, but not everybody knows that the savings may reach to 25%, which is extremely important in the time of high fuel costs.


Chevrolet Aveo

The drive becomes also smoother and predictable, which has an expediently and adventageous influence on passengers’ comfort and increase of our safety. The components of the economy car, especially a whole drive unit, are less exposed to overload, which greatly extends their usefull life. As a result, you do not have to worry about unpleasant and often very expensive visits in car service. To sum up, it may appear that savings coming from using an economy car may be much higher than it seems at the beginning.

It is worth to mention that the economy vehicles emit even 10% less carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Is there anything else that makes you doubt about economy cars? We hope not! We must mention that all of our economy cars are equipped with the factors and characteristics of eco vehicles mentioned above! Is there anything better? Do not hesitate! All you have to do is to visit us and choose the best car for you! 

You want to drive an awesome Hyundai Tucsont? Or maybe  wonderful Hyundai Sonata? It is up to you! Check out our offer and decide right now!